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AUO Continues to Deploy High Performance Solar Power Plants in Taiwan with an Installed Capacity of 23.4MW (2014.10.21)

AU Optronics Corp. ("AUO" or the "Company") (TAIEX: 2409; NYSE: AUO) today announced its participation at PV Taiwan 2014 to be held from October 22 to 24 at TWTC Exhibition Hall. AUO's solar solution brand, BenQ Solar, will showcase a series of light-weight and high efficiency solar modules. The scalable energy storage system and the total solar solutions for different kinds of solar power plants will also be introduced. To meet the growing demand of solar power plants in Taiwan, AUO has deployed more than 130 solar projects with an installed capacity of 23.4MW.

BenQ Solar high-efficiency back-contact solar cell, SunForte PM096B00, shows a module efficiency of 20.3% and power output of 330W.

Through Light-weight and High-efficiency Solar Solutions to Establish Advantage in Differentiation

In response to limited installation land space in densely populated areas, light-weight and high-efficiency solar modules have become a new trend in the market. BenQ Solar, the solar solution brand of AU Optronics, has developed an ultra-light solar module Aer PM060M01.The module only weighs 10.5 kg and is embedded in ultra-thin glass. It is approximately 45% lighter than conventional counterparts, making it the world's lightest(*) among all 60-cell Monocrystalline silicon modules.

Furthermore, BenQ Solar provides G-racking series for pitched rack mounting solutions compatible with common metal and bituminous roofing materials. Partnered with EASY ROOF EVOLUTION® mounting solutions, the integrated design of the racking system can retain the architectural aesthetics after installation. BenQ Solar's light-weight and easy-to-install solar modules and racking systems can lower the roof loads, save installation time and labor, and greatly reduce installation cost and enhance safety.

BenQ Solar continues to satisfy customers' needs in power plants and large-scale projects with high-efficiency solar modules. Using high-efficiency back-contact solar cells, SunForte PM096B00 shows a module efficiency of 20.3% and power output of 330W. BenQ Solar has successfully developed another high-efficiency solar module adopting heterojunction solar cell structure. The module delivers a high efficiency of 20% and power output of 323W. The technology is mature enough for mass production.

AUO unveils the scalable energy storage system, PowerRondo, which is a new spotlight on renewable energy market.
AUO has accomplished the rooftop solar systems on aboriginal permanent housing in Chiayi Taiwan to promote community-based power plant programs.

Scalable Energy Storage System, a New Spotlight on Renewable Energy Market 

In view of the reliable and stable power generation requirements for power plants in Europe, America and Japan, AUO unveils a new scalable energy storage system, PowerRondo, a solution designed to meet various types of power management system. The PowerRondo system can provide power plants with high quality and reliable power generation and is applicable to store both renewable and conventional energy. It is also suitable for residential, community and commercial applications on a daily basis. This scalable energy system can serve as back-up power to reduce the impact of electricity regulation and peak power consumption. With easy-installation and outstanding scalability benefits, PowerRondo offers an excellent solution for the renewable energy storage market.


One-Stop Service and Capability to Accomplish Different Kinds of Rooftop Power Plants

AUO has forged one-stop service for power plants planning and execution with high-quality solar value chain and superior integration capability. In recent years, AUO has completed more than 130 projects in Taiwan with an installed capacity of 23.4MW.

In utility scale project, Sungen power plant, the largest rooftop solar power plant in Taiwan, which is built on AUO fabs, will accumulate total installed capacity of 16.3MW by the end of this year. It can generate around 55,800 kWh of electricity for 5,580 household uses on a daily average. For public building projects, the solar system built on the rooftop of Taichung public housing is expected to be completed by November this year. AUO has also accomplished the installation of 100 rooftop solar systems on aboriginal permanent housing in Chiayi and Pingtung, in an effort to promote community-based power plant programs. In addition, by utilizing existing space of agriculture buildings and fish houses, AUO installed a solar power plant on the rooftop of fish farms in Pingtung. The solar plant can help fisherman to earn income by selling electricity back to the power grid.

In addition, to enhance the efficiency of power plant operation and maintenance, AUO Smart Cloud Monitoring System allows users to ensure the maximum efficiency of power plants with immediate on-site track through the internet. The system is a convenient and time-saving tool for power plant management and has been implemented in more than 700 locations worldwide.

Welcome to visit BenQ Solar's booth (#A0320, TWTC Hall 1) at PV Taiwan 2014 to find out more reliable, more efficient and more convenient solar energy solutions!

* Based on the available market research information as of October 21, 2014.