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BenQ Solar Presents World's Lightest Mono-Crystalline Module for the Japanese Market (2014.02.25)

With the demand for high performance and cost-efficient residential solar solutions on the rise, BenQ Solar, the leading solar solution brand of AU Optronics, announced today that it has developed Aer PM060M01, the world's lightest(*) 60-cell crystalline-silicon module for the Japanese residential market.

To specially address the Japanese market, BenQ Solar has developed lightweight solar solutions which include Aer PM060M01, an ultra-light mono-crystalline module weighing only 10.5 kg (5.3 kg/sqm), with the maximum power output at 280W. The module is approximately 45% lighter than conventional counterparts, making it the world's lightest(*) among all 60-cell crystalline-silicon modules. It is safe to be installed even on thin metal-sheet roofs, which effectively reduces the risk of collapsing if an earthquake strikes.

Furthermore, BenQ Solar partnered with IRFTS, the French company renowned for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) mounting systems, to deliver the 4.2 kg only lightweight EASY ROOF EVOLUTIONTM mounting system that is flexible, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing in design. In addition, to provide customers with more choices of racking solutions, BenQ Solar offers the revolutionary G-Racking Series for different roof types. These flexible racking solutions effectively lower balance of system (BOS) costs and offer easier, quicker and safer installation process.

In view of the huge growth potential for high efficiency solar modules in places with limited installation space, BenQ Solar has successfully developed a breakthrough technology in high efficiency solar module, composed of heterojunction cells with 315W power output and high module efficiency of 19.6%. This proprietary module technology is also free of potential induced degradation (PID-free) and light induced degradation (LID-free) to ensure the optimal power performance.

Also designed specifically for the residential market, PowerLegato® is an integrated energy storage system with the EnergyOptimizer software to ensure the efficient utilization of energy and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) in case of emergency. The all-in-one system is capable of supporting hybrid energy inputs and outputs, and contains complete but fewer components to allow quicker installation, making it a flexible and cost-saving solution for homeowners.

To fulfill the diversified needs from different regions around the world, BenQ Solar has also developed solar solutions such as water pumping, desalination, and power station. Come witness all these innovative green products, and more, at BenQ Solar's booth #E33-8 in PV EXPO 2014!


* Based on the available market research information as of February 25, 2014