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  • Irrigation
  • Fish farming
  • Domestic water supply
  • Emergency water supply for medical centers
  • Temporary water station
  • Eco-friendly community water supply

Water is a basic necessity for human life. However, some regions have difficulties accessing water. In some regions, people must carry water long distances and ultimately suffer from many physical problems. 

BenQ Solar provides reliable, low-maintenance, and economical and eco-friendly water solutions  powered exclusively by solar energy to the areas where traditional systems fail or simply cannot reach. Our solutions are perfect for remote water sources.

BenQ Solar’s Water Pump Solution is fully automatic. The system's four key components—the PV module, water pump, switch box and PV rack—provide a quick and easy installation. 

Fig1. Well Pump 


Fig2. River Pump 

Key  Features

  • Dry-running and overload protection
    When the water source falls below the water level electrode, the pump will stop. The pump will automatically restart five minutes after the water returns to the adequate level.
  • Overheating protection
    The power unit has a built-in temperature sensor. When the temperature rises above 85 °C, the motor automatically stops. The motor will automatically restart when the temperature falls below 75 °C.
  • Efficient solar energy
    Submersible pumps are also more efficient than surface pumps when used in rivers. Submersible pumps do not consume energy when moving water into the pump. Water pressure pushes the water into a submersible pump, thus saving a lot of the pump’s energy.


Your Benifits 

  • Reduces the incidence of disease and physical problems by providing a convenient water supply 
  • More cost-effective than diesel-powered pumping systems
  • Environmentally friendly - no pollution


Product Modules

Model Name Poly DC Water
Poly DC Water
BC_DC Water
BC_DC Water
PV capacity 1.5kw PM245P00 1.5kw PM245P00 0.64kw PM096B00 1.28kw PM096B00
Head / Water
Flow Rate

30m / 7.5m3 per hr
2m / 16m3 per hr 

120m / 2.0m3 per hr
5m / 2.8m3 per hr

120m / 0.6m3 per hr
10m / 0.63m3 per hr

30m / 7.5m3 per hr
2m / 16m3 per hr

*Please consult BenQ Solar representatives for regional availability