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AC Unison (PM245PAx series / PS245PAx series)


Residential & Commercial Roofs

Applicable Countries
Italy Australia


BenQ Solar's AC Unison maximizes solar energy yields with minimum setup lead time. AC Unison (PM245PAx series / PS245PAx series) is a highly integrated AC solution that features a built-in Micro Inverter with a monitoring gateway and reduces overall installation and maintenance costs for homeowners.



Key  Features

 High, Stable Energy Output

Enhances system power generation by more than 5% to 20% when compared to traditional DC systems under partially shaded conditions.
Smart Monitoring
Full access to comprehensive power information with graphical charts and historical data. Also offers the PV-doctor diagnostic tool and System-alarm notification features.
Modular Flexibility
AC Unison offers more installation flexibility in terms of system size and location. You can start with a small system that is affordable and then add more modules to the system in the future (consumer use).
Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance
Uses the unique “Plug & Play” AC embedded trunk cable design to reduce installation and future maintenance time.


Your Benefits

  • Increased Safety: Parallel connection design ensures the low voltage generation of each PV module
  • High, Stable Energy: 5% to 20% improvement when compared to traditional DC systems under partially shaded conditions. 
  • Lower Labor Costs: Saves up to 60% on cabling cost to lower LCOE
  • Flexible Installation: Modular sizes that suit different budgets; easy to design and install for rooftops of different angles and orientations.
  • Reliability: Designed to last for 25 years under a single, reliable warranty.