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Pitched Rack Solution

Galvanized-Iron and Bituminous Roof

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BenQ Solar Pitched Rack Solution is a roof and labor-friendly patented racking solution that provides greater installation flexibility and safety. Its simplified and ultra-light design significantly reduces installation effort when mounting a PV system on a pitched roof. 

The Pitched Rack Solution has less components (only three parts to complete the system) than its conventional counterparts, making delivery, transportation and installation much easier. Moreover, the solution shortens installation time and reduces labor costs and risks when mounting on a roof.

The racking parts are ultra-light (only 2 kg per kW) and are still able to resist strong wind. BenQ Solar Pitched Rack Solution is the best cost-optimized racking solution that both reduces installation time and saves labor cost.


Key  Features

  • Ultra-Light Design: 2 kg per KW, equivalent to 1.5 kg/m2 (half of traditional rails)    
  • Quick Installation: Simple and few parts lowers installation costs
  • Safety-oriented: 
    • Lightweight design increases safety of roof and labors
    • Resists 61m/s wind speed and up to 2400 PA under UL regulation

Compatible Modules

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