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Zep System (licensed with Zep Solar)

On-roof System for All Types Roof

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BenQ Solar has partnered with Zep Solar, a world-wide racking company, to offer optimal on-roof solutions for all pitched roofs. By means of a licensing agreement, BenQ Solar developed the module with Zep Groove aluminum frames. The unique characteristic of the design is the pre-assembled rail on the module combined with well-design mounting hardware that noticeably reduces installation time. 

Zep System also provides automatic grounding and rapid coupling. Once the mounting is complete, the system is then grounded. This feature both saves time and increases installation safety. Additionally, the BenQ Solar PM245P01 with Zep System has been certified to meet UL 1703 standards and is ready for all customers that need quick installation.

Key  Features

  • Simplicity: Zep grooves on the frame allow simple easy drop-in and quarter-turn connection without the need for a foundation
  • Lower Installation Costs: Unique hardware design can reduce components and labor costs
  • Safety-oriented: Auto-grounding to protect installers

Compatible Modules

Green Triple PM245P01