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BenQ Solar provides a complete set of Monitoring System software that includes local data collection software, local demonstration view (Kiosk view), and a cloud monitoring Web Portal and Mobile App. This comprehensive package allows customers to see whether their Solar PV system is running at optimized performance in real time via the Internet and discover potential system or device issues. The BenQ Solar Monitoring System helps you ensure the optimal performance of your Solar PV system. 



Key  Features

  • Distributed cloud data storage and offsite backup that eliminates the need for expensive hardware, software and routine maintenance for client data storage.
  • One interface that monitors the performance of all PV sites without the need to switch to a login webpage address of a different inverter company.
  • Provides a variety of dynamic energy data charts and tables that help the system owner and the O&M personnel quickly obtain the real-time status of each device and the energy production history.
  • Immediate detects and notifies O&M personnel of abnormal device or communication issues, ensuring a timely troubleshooting process. 
  • Remote diagnostic tools help O&M personnel evaluate possible causes of device abnormalities before arrival at the location of the site.
  • An additional individual module performance monitoring interface allows more specific maintenance procedures.
  • Our software is compatible on PCs and tablets, and we provide active software maintenance and feature upgrades.


Product Highlights 

  • BenQ Solar Web Portal
    The web-based BenQ Solar Web Portal gives system owners, installers and EPCs easy access to operating information of their solar power system. Users can view real-time graphical charts and historical data of the PV system at any time from a web-enabled device. The Web Portal also provides advanced diagnosis tools and alert notifications for abnormal events at the communication, system, and device levels.

  • Module-level Monitoring Capabilities for the AC Unison Module
    The BenQ Solar Monitoring System provides the BenQ SolarAC Unison Module with module-level monitoring capability. The module allows users to view the operation performance of every AC Unison module via the View My AC Unison feature. Users can track detailed electrical data to determine if specific modules require service or if specific areas of the installation require maintenance, such as module cleaning or removal of any shading problems. Users can easily access this data by logging in to the BenQ Solar Web Portal

  • BenQ Solar Mobile App
    You can also check your PV system status from your smart phone, anytime, anywhere, using the BenQ Solar Mobile App. The App provides simple features compared to the BenQ Solar Web Portal.

  • Software Support
    BenQ Solar Monitoring System
    Browser Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera or IE 9 above
    Data Platform BenQ Solar data exchange format
    Data Collection Software
    OS of Data Logger or PC Compatible with Windows XP(32 Bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit)
    PV Device Inverters, meters or sensors that support standard Modbus (RS485 or TCP/IP) communication and have public protocol documents that BenQ Solar can develop.
    Model protocols of the following inverter brands have been developed: ABB, Schneider, Xantrex, Satcon, SMA(vis Webbox), Power-One, Fronius, Kaco, Delta, Sungrow, AEC, Ablerex, PCM, Motech, SunWay
    Internet 512K/512K download/upload speed
    Local Demo Interface/ Local Kiosk View
    OS of PC Compatible with Windows XP(32 Bit), Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit)


Compatible Modules

  • SunForte
  • GreenTriplex
  • Aer
  • AC Unison