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BenQ Solar One-Stop Power Plant Service makes investing in a new solar power plant easier and more profitable thanks to our tried-and-true core competencies. We fully support development of all types of power plants—including residential, commercial, and utility scale power plants—and are committed to delivering comprehensive solutions with a focus on quality. BenQ Solar has successfully cooperated with numerous leading global partners around the world to build solar power plants in Europe, the US, Asia, and Africa, and we are committed to advancing the solar power industry by providing innovative, efficient ways to harness solar energy.

BenQ Solar Core Competences

Core competence matters



Why BenQ Solar Is the Right Choice 

We Provide a Complete Solar Value Chain of High-Quality Products

BenQ Solar's mission is to build highly profitable and dependable solar power plants by maximizing total power output through efficient solar solutions.


Competence I:  complete Solar Value Chain delivering quality products 


Superior Planning & Coordination

BenQ Solar works closely with key individuals and institutions to ensure each project is developed on schedule and guided to a smooth conclusion. The BenQ Solar team comprises experienced professionals from a variety of fields who are committed to achieving high quality construction and have the means to reliably acquire all necessary permits. 


Competence II:  superior planning & coordination capabilities


Sustainable 20-Year Power Plant O&M Operation

BenQ Solar power solution is offered by AU Optronics, a leading and reputable global TFT-LCD manufacturer that is dedicated to greener products and manufacturing practices. BenQ Solar insists on building power plants using reliable material sources and developing lasting relationships with trustworthy partners to achieve sustainable operations. In addition, BenQ Solar conducts regular on-site inspections and offers a smart monitoring system to ensure plants remain in reliable operation for at least 20 years with stable, high efficiency power output. 


Competence III:  sustainable operation ensuring 20-year power plant O&M