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Company Related 

Q:When did AU Optronics establish its solar business?
A:BenQ Solar, a whole new solar brand, is a division of AU Optronics. BenQ Solar aims to provide reliable and high-efficiency total solar solutions to support global residential, commercial, and utility customers' needs.

Q:What is the involvement of AU Optronics in solar business?
A:We provide green total solutions, including PV modules, solar power system and solar monitoring system.

Q:Where are BenQ Solar global offices and manufacturing facilities?
A:Our headquarters is located in Taiwan. Worldwide operations and service sites are in the US, Japan, China, Europe, and other Asian countries. We have four manufacturing facilities in Czech, Malaysia, China, and Taiwan.   

Q:Where can I find BenQ Solar datasheet and pictures?
A:Please go to our Document Center to find more information.  

Q:Where can I get latest news about BenQ Solar? 
A:Please go to News Center and Event pages to see our latest press release and event calendar. Should you have further questions, you may Contact Us. If you are reporters please contact our PR.   

Q:Does BenQ Solar participate into corporate social responsibility? 
A:BenQ Solar donated a solar system to a remote elementary school in a small village after a major earthquake in Taiwan; also, we developed a public art project that included a solar system and donated it to an elementary school to provide in depth solar education. 


Solar Business Related 

Q:Does BenQ Solar sell PV panels or components directly to the end user like home or business owners? 
A:No. BenQ Solar sells its products worldwide to reputable distributors or large installation companies that can provide total solutions to end users. We can help you find a dealer or installer in your area. Please check Partner List  for more information.

Q:Does BenQ Solar provide commercial or utility PV system project service?
A:Yes. We provide project service for commercial and utility PV systems, please see Project Business Section for more information. If you are interested in our project service regarding commercial / utility PV systems, please Contact Us.

Q:Does BenQ Solar sell solar modules direct to Resellers? 
A:BenQ Solar mostly sells its products to large reputable distributors who can offer resellers more complete services. We can help you find a distributor in your area. Please see 
Partner List or just directly Contact Us.

Q:Does BenQ Solar sell thin-film solar panels? 
A:Currently our thin-film products are in the research & development stage. In the future BenQ Solar may offer leading edge products in this area.

Q:Does BenQ Solar sell Building Integrated PV (BIPV) solar products? 
A:Yes, Please go to “EASY ROOF EVOLUTION”to find more information.

Q:Does BenQ Solar sell solar thermal systems? 
A:BenQ Solar’s current product focus is in the photovoltaic area. We do not offer solar thermal products. 

Q:What is BenQ Solar's current product availability and lead times? 
A:Like any manufactured product, our solar product availability varies based on production and demand. 
Contact Us for the latest information. 

Q:Does BenQ Solar provide training for solar installers? 
A:Yes, with our strong local partners, we hold training programs at local events in every region. Please check 
Partner List for the latest information.